hello! im jet, and im the webmaster of cygnet.neocities.org!

i have interests in virtually anything i can get my hands on, including crafts/deco, fashion, natural history, geography, literature and other nerdy stuff...

i also enjoy consuming media and playing games :3 some of my current favs are zelda, bloodborne, houseki no kuni, csm, resident evil, jjk and jerma985.

my typology if ur nerdy about that sort of thing: intj 4w5 456 sp/sx rloei vfle LII-Ne though i think i need to do more research hmm

find me at my profile or email!


gummy bears, papas pastaria, youtube video essays, horror, little creatures and trinkets (see: monchhichi, chiikawa, sonny angels), marine life, cannibalism as a metaphor for love


loud noises, annoying people, fizzy drinks, sweet foods and the like...