prom dress

this is a project i've been looking forward to for the past 4 years! ive had lots of visions of what i should make and ive sought to come up with a design that would suit me the best. i want to make the whole dress from scratch including drafting the pattern and machine-sewing the pieces together hehe some of my requirements are:

and some things i was indecisive about were the skirt length and type of neckline. there are just SO many different types and i got so dizzy looking on pinterest for ideas. also im generally not very experienced in the dress department im very much a pants or jorts kinda guy so idk what suits me best

i love this dress because it's so elegant and pretty + i just ADORE miumiu so i really wanted to recreate it! i especially like the lace details and the bodice, not to mention the super cute puff sleeves xx
anyways after some contemplation i decided not to use this design (at least for this project) because i think it feels too casual and also because velvet fabric is so expensive TT especially with my uncertainties about how the bodice and smocking worked i didn't want to risk wasting like $60 of fabric on a pattern im not confident making right now.
like honestly the shop site doesnt have enough substantial pictures for me to be able to recreate it accurately and it's hard to see the smaller seam details on a Black Velvet dress . frustrated me for the longest time!!! i asked some other sewists for their thoughts and they couldnt really figure it out either
it's still a project i want to pursue in the future, but ah well. another time! anyways i scrapped this version.

i chanced upon this design from selkie's ss23 show and i immediately loved it!! apart from the classic selkie bodice + puff sleeves, what really caught my eye was the skirt design . so unique and magical with the cascading layers, which reminds me of a waterfall or a small stream in the forest ^__^ given my predicament about skirt length i honestly think that this perfectly consoles both sides of the spectrum. see it's LONG but it also gives the impression that it's short because of the layered skirt + tsrc="ransparency of the bottom half i love it so much

anyways i did some research and kind of figured out how the skirt and pattern pieces might work since it's not ur usual circle skirt or whatever and i guess i was reassured enough that i could handle this project :3 so i settled on this one. yay!!

anyways i got started on the actual patternmaking and sewing process. first thing i did was to really break down the entire pattern with a sketch and just some rough notes. quite proud of my sketchbook pages this time!
i think a lot of these shapes/patterns wont actually end up being used in the exactly same way, but i figured i'd just work my way through it LOL

started: 7/8/23
finished: -