toy fishtank

my first self-directed blender project! saw a really cute picture on pinterest and my first reaction was to open blender and chuck it in :3 project generally went smoothly especially for one without any tutorials but i had the scare of my life when my blender crashed after 3 hours of unsaved work LOL... thankfully blender autosaved my file so note to self: always save. i feel like i never learn from my mistakes oops

anyways this isnt really a finished project per se because ill definitely come back to fishtank.blend and add more stuff in! i want to add more details in the modelling and render it a lot better bc now it looks really plain and doesnt really showcase all the details i added in. i also want to add a few animations if possible!

my process and finished result! something i learnt from this project is definitely how to uv map properly and im also now more accustomed to making glass textures etc on blender (though i definitely still need to improve how i render material textures)

my SECOND blender project: Cygnet Bottle

made this the day after my first project can you tell im in love with blender... followed intranetgirl's tutorial btw her channel is Amazing for all blender n creative things!!! i chanced upon one of her videos before i first started being interested in blender and it gave me so much inspiration. intras super cool!!

anyways the full project was to make this bottle looking thing in a sealed bag (inspired by covid vaccines) but i got sick of the physics rendering part and just skipped it. so i have a bottle! which spins :3 used my index header as the label too so its extra cute

my FIRST blender project!

been wanting to learn blender for a while now and ive finally gotten around to doing it! i followed this tutorial and it was so fun to make! i really recommend this tutorial bc trust me ive tried the donut and a frog tutorial and i couldnt follow along at all it was too fast... this one makes u familiar with the keyboard shortcuts and the motions so i rlly recommend it.

this was the finished result!! deviated from the tutorial a little but im quite satisfied with how it turned out as a first project. still dont really understand the rendering parts but i enjoyed the 3d modelling!