batman begins 1/2

not usually a big fan of action or superhero movies im not going to lie i watched this just because cillian murphy and christian bale were starring oops! to be fair this is one of the movies i dont have to think about so much so it was quite an (ironically) relaxing movie to watch while making my new diary page for neocities (check it out!) the action scenes bore me out a little so i skipped most of those and i definitely wouldve liked to see more of batmans backstory and chara development in the front half of the movie, but the pacing was generallly great.

considering this came out in 2005 i feel like the production and cinematography is still so high quality. sets, costumes and props designs were pretty impressive imo! very realistic and the absence of cgi in most scenes makes it even more organic. thanks chris nolan xx

my favourite character has got to be dr crane Sorry again. i just think cillian murphy looks fantastic in those glasses + his character design is pretty cool though i never read the original comics so dont come after me... i think his lines were still pretty impactful and the delivery was amazing despite not having that much screentime. i cant stop watching dr crane edits He has captivated me

another thing i also appreciate is the worldbuilding and i think that the portrayal of gotham is very realistic, immersive and overall well done. again i have no idea whether it stays true to the original comics but compared to other batman movies ive watched i think this one just seemed a lot more grounded in reality and you really get to see what exactly batman is fighting for.

not a big fan of some of the scenes and dialogue (what was that scene with rachel??? i dont get it at all) but honestly i think thats just because superhero movies always seem really corny to me so its good enough that this one was pretty tolerable id say. 3.5/5? will definitely be watching the rest of the trilogy though

- j