to japan... 2023 june!

my first trip log everybody! this june i went to japan (osaka and kyoto) and i had lots of fun :3 this was a pretty short family trip (5-6 days) and i planned most of it so i got to check off a lot of stuff i wanted to do there! it's not my first time in japan and ive gone twice before when i was younger, but ive never been to the kansai region before so a lot of this was new to me. overall i had a lot of fun but it was also So tiring wow i walked a lot .and our sleep schedules were quite messed up even though there was no jet lag lol

some places i went, some things i did, and my experiences!

1. shopping yippee easily one of my favourite things to do ever i love spending money and jpn is a great place to do that bc theres so much stuff that caters to my interests ^^ almost busted my budget whoops wish i had more money to spend but im quite satisfied with my haul. some things i bought: sonny angels (im a sonny mom now!!), craft supplies mmmyum beads ribbon and the like, animerch lots of stuff from lashinbang and animate like my mhyk chloe plushie, chiikawa stuff sorry im insane i got lots of figurines and cards and keychains etc, gachapon rings and gimmicks, lots of stationery, gifts for my friends, cup noodles, and lots more

2. universal studios jpn 10/10 experience n was the highlight of my trip tbh the rides were amazing and there was a lot of fun things to do there like the meet n greets and the jjk 4d show!!! brought my yuta nui to watch it heart eyes. i like this better than tokyo disneysea tbh i think it perfectly caters to all kinds of people And the best thing was that we went on a wednesday so there were shorter queues heheh i heard beforehand that some people only got to go on 3 rides throughout the whole day but i went on 14!!!!

3. sightseeing some vv memorable parts of my holiday were also the sightseeing experiences! we visited some temples n cultural landmarks in kyoto (arashiyama, kiyomizu-dera) and my nerd ass was like Omg i can see how this influenced zelda and its worldbuilding . Fr though there were lots of lil statues that reminded me of the botw korok apple statues and the yiga frogs etc so it was really interesting. anyways the weather was nice thankfully and there was lots of nature to see ^^ no cherry blossoms this time of the year but it was still lovely

4. learning lots to learn about the culture and way of life in jpn! fun fact the very font you see here, ms gothic, is actually used a lot for english text on public transport n other places! their rules seem a little bizarre sometimes (no eating while walking ??) but i still think theyre interesting and worth respecting. a lot of people online (especially westerners) like to say that "japan is living in the future" but i actually disagree. not in a bad way, but you can see that they are definitely still more traditional in many aspects and slower to utilise new tech compared to other asian countries like sg or sk.

overall it was a great experience and im thankful i got to travel here! enjoyed myself lots and i hope to go back to jpn again :3 hope you enjoyed reading about my trip ^_^

- j

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