thoughts1 When Will this misery End?

this entry's a little different from the usual life updates and actually ive been wanting to post essays or just thoughts on certain topics for a while but i havent gotten around to actually doing it soooo here's the first: my thoughts on Capitalism

ive been thinking about this for a while now but lately i feel that the internet has been slowly falling apart and to me it seems like capitalism is a driving factor. like reddit is going through a complete blackout because of the recent api changes and soap2day (pirating website) also shut down because of the pressure from companies like netflix. These are just some examples but i can think of a lot more (zlib, fan tls, nintendos copyright obsession etcetc)

and to me this is definitely Not right.,. i think a lot of people would argue that like Oh its the company's right to do whatever they want given that these are their services and products but honestly ? i think that is a rather selfish way of viewing things because at this point it is Beyond just protecting the company's rights. and instead they keep trying to advance their agenda and business model or whatever at the expense of consumers just because they have the power to do so... do you get me

anyways looking at capitalism in terms of politics it's where the distribution/production or whatever goes on in a country's industries is Controlled by private actors + companies etc. on the other hand you have socialism which is a gigantic umbrella term but basically it entails a country's industries being controlled by the local government. so that's where things get a LOT different because unlike a(n ideal) government, private companies do NOT act in favour of the general population . and their objective is to serve their vested interests which involves... You guessed it! MONEY!

it's crazy looking at the lengths that these companies will go to just to get that extra bit of revenue and also pretty scary when you consider just how much of an impact that has on our culture and way of life! capitalism as a whole has drastically changed the way society thinks and operates Like im a very creative person and when i think of the future the only way i can imagine myself to be happy is if i can fully devote myself to my creative endeavours! but of course realistically speaking this is most likely Not going to happen because surprise surprise i value financial stability... isn't it so depressing when you think about how we are probably going to be stuck in this capitalistic cycle until our death probably

And i think this makes sense to most people... but also where do we go from here? what's another alternative?? is socialism, communism, marxism or anarchism any better? the media tends to demonise these and i feel like theres been a lot of misinformation around so people are generally ignorant I Mean that was me a while ago too but nowadays ive been seeing a lot of queer spaces advocate for these political ideologies so ive been trying to learn more about it. theoretically i can see the appeal especially for minorities but idk im still apprehensive... guess ill just have to keep on learning and thinking

- j