120623 how did we get here

good morning cygnetnation i can't believe its mid june already. time flies and i dont like it!!! how are we halfway through this year ... i feel like every year time flies faster and faster (guess im getting old) the past two weeks have been somewhat hellish but also fun for me! i know im on school break but im in this weird limbo where i have enough commitments that it doesnt feel relaxed but also not enough to make me feel fulfilled so yeah... scratches head.

also happy pride month! ill be real with you guys this year pride month really does not feel like pride month. where are all the corporations with their corny ass rainbow logos and posts???? guess we're back to homophobia #NoLoveWins mmmyesterday i saw what dylan mulvaney looks like now and i swear she is SO gorgeous i heart women rahhhh also i have a funny story about pride month ehehe got in an argument with a friend and You All might be thinking "Well Jet this could have been easily solved if you just communicated properly" and i agree but i dont know... explicitly telling people about these sort of things is always my last resort . sometimes i get so comfortable on the internet that i forget people in real life arent actually this nice so... YEAH The end

- j