220523 Lily Chou-Chou

long time no see..? ever since i came back from my holiday in hong kong ive been in a bit of a neocities slump, but im slowly getting back into the habit! i had lots of fun on my trip, but ill save it for another blog post, which i will... eventually... get around to doing :thumbs up:

anyways, Breaking News! my mental is still just as bad as it was in april . or may or march or even february. Perhaps it is even worse! thought everything would be ok once i went on my trip or when i finished my exams but my brain just doesn't work like that Boooo throws tomatoes. i am still as behind on schoolwork and my commitments as ever. also my coping methods have reverted back to sleeping its like my brain automatically pulls the switch for a full system shutdown every 3 hours or something also i really just want to sleep the days and weeks away maybe everything will be ok if i do that. my year of rest and relaxation era all i want to do is nap and nap and sleep and nap yesterday i slept 10 hours and napped for another 6 hours and still felt sleepy at 10pm. STOP THE COUNT!!!!!!!!!

something else ive been up to is playing totk im absolutely obsessed!!! was so excited to play it my hands were shaking when i received the package waghhh it has been a blast so far!!! won't spoil much but im in the process of making a totk shrine yums .am a little slow bc im taking my time to explore and also because i havent quite adjusted to the totk mechanisms yet. im still thinking with botw brain zz but nonetheless im enjoying myself LOTS!! highly recommend totk i cant say it enough

on the creative side!!! im proud to say i was able to make something last week for the first time in like 3 months lol so im pretty glad Crowd cheers!!!! i made a beaded phone chain and i think its very pretty ^^ also im generally uninspired but i think im getting somewhere!! have been looking at a lot of film snippets and fashion stuff zz june WILL be my creative month. #Real i have a lot of things i want to do!! hopefully i will have the time and energy to do so :3

- j