020523 Hands Up!

life's been looking a lot better lately. had my psych appointment on saturday and went thrifting it was fun and i copped quite a few good finds!! fisherman aesthetic soon (real) recently ive been thinking about how i should restructure my life because i feel like i havent been spending my time and energy in very meaningful ways for the past few months. kind of been in denial but i am definitely burnt out slash not doing well slash relapsing or something lol im working on getting back into a routine and finding something that works for me ^^ thinking about setting aside an afternoon every week to work on my creative projects So that i can actually keep my energy levels up;; maybe monday afternoons? or one of the weekend afternoons idk i logged out of insta and i think it's already helped me get back on track a lil! been thinking of smaller projects to start out with and i have a few seashells from van that i want to use for jewellery. also i feel so sorry for my sewing machine it's been painfully neglected im srs i havent touched it since february

it's may already and i feel like ive wasted so much time doing things that aren't getting me anywhere so i think its about time i change that. also havent really been having a good relationship with food for the past few months n im ngl its probaly 80% stress induced so im trying to work on that as well! and ive got to fix my sleep schedule i know its fun to stay up until like 430 calling w my friends but its probably really bad for my body so. fingers crossed i can change that

anyways it's d-10 to totk!! very excited i love zelda and link and everything oh mein gott im so hyped!! preordered it for my extremely early birthday present i know its going to be so good Rahhhhh hopefully it will restore at least some of my will to live

- j