260423 sickfic era... soon?

I THINK I MIGHT BE SICK !!!! with covid or a sore throat or the flu or whatever im currently typing this out on my laptop in class because i just Feel like Shit but oh my god the timing could not be worse!! i have 3 tests in the next 2 days and id rather not skip them . Because ive alr done SOO much prep and itll make the weightages of my other assessments higher which is not ideal. maybe this is sleep deprivation oh my god i literally have an exchange program interview this afternoon and i cant afford to skip any of these things im so tired... T_T

i am so stressed rn i feel like ashley when she said This Sucks!!! at the mausoleum in re4r i just want to go home and sleep but i dont know if im actually fully sick or just Falling sick and ive gotta prep for my exams and whatever . God is beating my ass i should die soon xx

- j