240423 Hesitant Weevil 4

i think im actually addicted to neocities uhh1huh its kinda becoming my copium for some unknown reason... it makes me feel really productive even though the reality is that im just procrastinating from studying for my exams in 3 days hahah ! i think the old web/making websites is so magical it's such a slow but rewarding process ^^ and i cant say i dont feel super swag having a niche hobby and being part of such a niche space (Read: Individuality Complex) i love scrolling through eeny meeny resource carrds/neocities and choosing blinkies and stamps and whatnot ITS SO FUN!!! audibly gasped when i saw a jerma blinkie :3

anyways as for my life outside of neocities... it's going lovely if you ignore how unprepared i am for my upcoming exams. ive been really interested in re lately ada is SO pretty i need her to [REDACTED]. been reconnecting with old friends and family which i think is really sweet and for some reason there has been an obscene number (2) of flies that have accidentally flown into my room the past 2 days. so much to do but so little time and energy Boo. i scanned my entire a5 binder journal today i think it's too full for me to add any more pages so it's officially finished!! very proud of it i think it was very fun to make all 90+ spreads i might even upload some here soon ^^

another highlight of my life recently is the upcoming trips i have!!! i will be going to hk in may and osaka in june which im very excited about!!!! travelling to hk will mostly just be for family stuff but im very much still looking forward to it bc honestly it holds a lot of good + nostalgic memories for me. it wont be my first time going to japan but ive never been to osaka before. am especially excited for that i did some research and all the stuff there seems so fun. oddly enough i enjoy the itinerary planning process a lot more and ngl i find it more rewarding... theres just something so special about anticipating something and making sure everything goes well idk im kind of a nerd. but ill make sure i plan well for osaka in june!! planning to do lots of shopping and go to usj where they have the jjk feature ^^ and eat lots of good food of course

- j