180923 thanatos heart emoji

recently started playing hades (like a week ago) and i am OBSESSED! like im going to be using this as copium slash brainrot for the next 3 months kind of obsessed yk. finals season is coming soon and i always manage to find a game to throw myself into so i think the timing is apt :) i love the speedrunning element of this game and the like "how far can you push yourself to go" kinda thing it just gets me into that addictive state of flow!!! it is so fun oh my god and the lore is so engaging as well + kinda reminds me of neon white in some ways (or at least the game system) so yup definitely up my alley. i regret not playing this earlier bc ive had this in my steam library for so long but just never really got around to downloading it lmfao

me being me the first thing i did after playing the game was to go on insta and search up edits but surprisingly there arent that many??? i thought the hades fandom was pretty big and tbh theres a lot of source material to work with but well i guess not. my favourite character so far is thanatos he is actually drop dead gorgeous i was STUNNED when i first saw him in elysium i love myself a pretty guy. artemis is also one of my faves i also gasped out loud when i first saw her she is so pretty but her boons rarely appear in my runs oh well

i think im progressing pretty well into the game but probably only because i got fed up once and turned on god mode LOL im not a very combat inclined person but nonetheless ive been kinda getting the hang of the game! ive been using aegis consistently since the start and tbh its the most beginner friendly weapon i feel. still dont really know how some game mechanisms work but we ball... my favourite phase is elysium um partly because of thanatos and also partly because it is so pretty! idk why a lot of people seem to hate it in my opinion asphodel is the worst like elysium is a Breeze in comparison to asphodel it is literal hell (ha ha) idk why its so difficult i keep walking into magma without realising arghh

styx seems okay so far but ive only gone there once and i brutally died to the vermin rat things the poison thing is so difficult to avoid but i think there should be a trick to it idk anyways im really excited for whatever hades has in store for me! im so excited to meet all the characters and see what happens when i pass styx yay

- j