100923 Bittersweet

ive realised that recently some of my neocities mutuals have been archiving their sites or leaving neocities as a whole, which honestly makes me have such mixed feelings. so many of these sites have watched cygnet grow from the ugly little site it once was; and i've also watched those sites grow just as much! maybe the community here is just another form of parasocial relationships but i really treasure all the cool people i get to meet and all the lovely sites i get to see. of course life is never easy and i 100% understand people leaving to take care of their health or get things together irl - ive done it before! but also a part of me feels an inexplicable sense of loss especially since ive witnessed these people pour so much love and time into making their sites :( well i guess it's just the natural progression of life! will always sorely miss all these sites and people

- j