020923 september

and yet another month is over! with every month comes new beginnings (ish) and that's definitely true for september! ive set a couple of goals for myself and i think it's really refreshing to reflect on august and see what i want to do this month!

september is always my favourite month (bc its my birthday month...lol) but it's a little unfortunate because my whole month is usually filled with studying for finals in october. so i hope i can cope with that well this time and also get to treat myself a little too! i think id like to buy a birthday present for myself but im still thinking about what to get mmm realistically probably not something too big or expensive i dont think i could justify spending that much on myself

honestly i think my birthdays in the past few years have been a little depressing too because i never celebrate it (partly due to exams and also im just not really a party kinda guy) so the most i do is just have a normal dinner with my family or friends (-_-); i dont even eat cake or have anything particularly special... and actually now that im writing it down i realise how pathetic it sounds . i realise that i spend my birthdays like a middle aged man who doesnt want to acknowledge the fact that he's officially one year older on his birthday oops! but to be fair i dont really mind how my birthdays have gone in the past few years so i guess that wont change this time

i think the most important thing for me is just to reflect on the past year and spend time with myself! i also looove gifts and letters so i guess that's really what makes me the happiest - rather than a big party or a celebration ykwim. i wont reveal my specific age but this year is also supposed to be a milestone age for me too! so my friends and parents have been bugging me to have a proper birthday celebration but i dont know im still not very keen on the idea. id just like to stay at home and study or do some of my hobbies and i know it sounds very loser-like but you know what Maybe i Am a loser .

- j