230823 Sisyphus

not sure about what to write because a lot of things have been happening in the past 2 weeks! actually not really but i feel like i have a lot going on rn... started learning javascript and im having the time of my life :3 i actually think its such a fun language to learn except im still very confused on how to incorporate it into my html or what kind of frameworks i can use. i want to use it to make some games and little widgets but i have still yet to figure out how to make bigger projects like that arrgh also i finally downloaded vscode god bless it is now so much easier to work on coding! hoping to focus more on actual programming languages instead of just htmlcss so itll come in handy... need to brush up on my python and learn java/c++ for real this time. wish me luck!

ive bought some new things recently too... i finally got a new 6 ring binder to journal and also a digicam. Yay!!! it's a secondhand sony cybershot w350 and honestly it was such a good deal bc i got it for just $30 when there are people out there retailing it for like >$100. i decorated it with stickers for fun yk like the ones u see on pinterest Yeah kinda like that wahh maybe ill put some pictures here later. anyways i still need to buy an sd card before i can start using it properly but im so excited. its lovely!!!

recently i've been reading the myth of sisyphus by albert camus (fun fact i just realised yesterday that it's pronounced as cah-moo and not cay-muhs oops) it's really good! i miss getting into philosophy and psychology it really is very interesting to me. need to get back into the habit of reading but i think im just so busy with school honestly grrr like the only reason why i picked up this book is because i was doing an essay on sisyphus for school and i needed to do a bit more research oops... havent really been consuming any media besides that and succession (which doesnt really count its just a comfort show) but i just watched Kingdom of Heaven (2005) and ALSO i realised that yuta is back in the jjk manga so i Need to catch up asap.

im so jealous of people who are still on their super long summer holidays rn Rahhhh my school calendar here is so different. like my german finals are coming up (in less than a week) so ive been frantically making and revising my flashcards lol. this is like 100% of my grade so i just hope i can somehow regain some of my fluency fast!! n this just reminded me to watch a german film ive been looking at for quite some time ^^ will update my media library when im done i think

- j