070823 Hamtaro

just finished one of my national exams a few days ago and oh my god i feel so liberated YAY! was so nervous but it turned out really well and im so glad its over. after that i found out that my stomachaches werent just anxiety induced but also because i actually had stomach flu so that was fun but anyways i just took a day off school and rested. i guess that's a win

also im so happy to finally be able to say that im back into the creative swing of things. i think ive mentioned this before but ive always wanted to make my prom dress and i think its finally coming to fruition! ive decided on my inspiration and a potential design yipeee im so excited to share it with yall (along with all my other creative endeavours) but i unfortunately have yet to work on my projects page. also really need to revamp my about me page it is so ugly but ill do that ... when i feel like it

been watching more films and documentaries im having so much fun! really want to turn it into a legitimate hobby and everything and become a fully fledged cinephile but i dont think im that good at analysing them yet arhghhh need more practice and exposure. ive definitely become more critical and inquisitive when it comes to watching films but i still find it difficult to artiulate my thoughts or really dig deep into the plot etc. also i just feel like watching films at home on my laptop while multitasking and doing work shouldnt be the ideal experience and i really just want to go to the cinema and immerse myself in the film. ykwim! unfortunately the larger cinemas dont show independent or more niche films, especially if theyre in a foreign language. what a headache!

i did find this small cinema place which actually has very interesting showings and i think its the go to for local film enthusiasts so im contemplating getting a yearly membership (only $55 with student discount!) but i dont really know if i have the time or energy to go regularly. another problem is also that i hardly know anyone who enjoys watching films so i have no one to go with. anyways im watching barbenheimer together with my friends soon (a little late i know!) but im so excited to rewatch oppenheimer and dress up for barbie hehe

- j