230423 BackPage Love

it's somewhat intimidating to write the first entry for my log but i Just Felt like talking about my vision for cygnet.neocities.org and my future htmlcss projects ^^
initially i made this site with the intention to use it to archive all my creative endeavours and the processes behind them but now that im starting on it i feel like it's tending towards more of a personal blog/site... i mean it's not a Bad thing Per Se like honestly i just want this site to be as organic as possible yk staying true to the whole garden theme i have going on LOL

mmm but i'd still like for this to be mainly creative-centric instead of another form of social media, though i think its kinda hard to separate the two since creation and consumption are such big parts of my life. and ofc i think a big part of neocities and site making is the cool people u see and allllll the interactions so im very much looking forward to that! am wondering if theres some sort of crafter webring around here i think that would be really cool ^_^

so far ive been browsing people's neocities and im so happy to see the number of egl and lolita sites wahh i love them so much!! also i think its just really cool in general to see people gush about their interests and look through the funky websites that they come up with. and you can really see people's dedication and nerdiness about the subject which is so cute tbh i aspire to be like that too Sorry that was So corny but yeah cheers to cygnet.neocities.org i hope it lives a long and fulfilling life yippee

- j