290424 crimson and clover

hi all it's a peaceful evening as i'm writing this and im kinda wishing i could go outside for a walk but its too humid... eh you kinda get the vibe anyway! wish i lived somewhere with better weather id be so motivated to go out n everything zzz

ive been kinda swamped with exams lately but it feels unreal that we're about to go into may soon. around this time last year i was dealing with some pretty rough stuff and couldnt cope well but im definitely doing so much better this year! i havent gone to therapy in months actually but im hanging on all by myself ^_^ miss my friends though i hope i get to see more of them soon cus we dont see each other as frequently in school now

what else have i been up to hmm... my film list has been painfully neglected but ive been writing more which feels so good im glad im getting back into this craft! ive also been watching more fashion documentaries and video essays (instead of films oops) which have been really inspirational and one thing ive been motivated to try is to write mini-essays on different topics as a form of writing practice i think it's so cute aw

this week's about to be real hectic wish me luck guys! im doing my best to stay afloat and atop my work i have quite a few class tests and deadlines so i havent had much time for myself. i want to make more stuff but it feels like there isn't enough time. to be fair i couldve made a necklace or something in the 3 hours i napped for today LOL

oh my god something else ive been looking so much at secondhand archive pieces it's literally been one of my long-term dreams to own a margiela/jfashion brand archive piece and i know i dont have the financial independence to do that yet but Man do i love scrolling and looking at them. one thing i struggle with though is like visualising how these pieces can be styled especially since they tend to be more unique in texture or silhouette

- j