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life's been a little weird lately . went for my psych appointment on saturday It felt like a fever dream and i guess i seemed depressed enough for my psych to strongly recommend me to go on meds... ive been wanting to go on meds since 2021 so this was a relief because the last time i got the green light from my psych but not my parents, but im hoping itll be different this time! i just really want to get better .like ive been trying my best for the past few months but it hasnt been working even with all my psych appointments and whatever. it feels like such a shame to not try out the One thing that is CHEMICALLY guaranteed to help me like this is genuinely so tiring... anyways im just hoping my parents will agree to it by july i cannot do this for much longer xx also idk why i just started to do this but whenever the suicidal ideation gets bad i just start listing out the 196 countries in the order of the continents: europe africa north america oceania south america asia. very helpful tip if you're nerdy about that sort of thing

on the good side School's Out for the term!!!!!! god bless i definitely need a break from academics (I say this As if i have no academic/extracurricular commitments in june but ill be so busy) some things ive planned to do in june:

also ive been making new friends !! one of which is a classmate she's so sweet to me and we both have similar interests and tastes :) only thing is my friends dont like her for Some odd reason i cannot understand . it's making me a little conflicted but i enjoy talking to her so we'll see i guess.

- j