231223 Wham!

christmas in 2 days and im feeling festive! 2022 christmas didn't feel right but its completely different this year. im feeling really holly n jolly even though ive been really busy the past few weeks and im so excited to celebrate christmas wahoo!!! i got myself a not very small christmas gift aka the xm4 sony headphones wahuguhuh it's my first big purchase with my paycheck so it was kinda daunting because i dont usually splurge on myself but the buyers remorse hasnt really kicked in so i think we're good. there was also a really good sale so i figured the timing was perfect

im going to watch carol later it seems like the perfect christmas film oh and also i really want to watch tokyo godfathers tomorrow but im not sure if the timing will clash with my christmas eve dinner. hmm... anyways ill update soon! merry early christmas everyone

- j