131223 Tushy

hi all! i'm back from my trip to hong kong. it was absolutely lovely and i had a blast! it was a pretty short trip (5 ish days) but it was the most fulfilling holiday i've had this year. will upload a trip log sometime (actually i was planning to do it today but my photos refuse to transfer to discord from my gallery so it'll have to be another time.)

also i was looking back on my previous entries and i don't think i've actually fully updated you on my film internship results. basically i got in!!! and i went for my first briefing a while ago ugh sobbed tears of joy i don't think ive ever been this anxious to meet people in a while bu they were all so cool. i really lack a community for a LOT of my hobbies so it was fun to find one here. everyone here is so old unfortunately i think im the youngest one in the internship a lot of these people are still in film school or are already working office jobs which is crazy to me. also to wrap up my november film era here's my letterboxd month recap! im ashamed to say i havent watched a single movie in december YET but i will later today okay trust.

my ratings might be a bit contentious but i have to clarify that this is purely from an objective perspective and they do not fully reflect how much i enjoyed the film! my rating system is a little complicated i'll unpack it someday if i can even put it into words lol. also this is a good time to say that most of my cygnet library ratings are probably overscored compared to what i've rated them on letterboxd after thinking about it for a while. i've become way more critical of films so i'm trying to more mindfully watch them i guess

- j