251123 Reality Surf

not that many updates recently but i think that's a good thing. went to kl with my friends and it was a lovely trip :3 i had a lot of fun!! might make a blog post about it soon idk im too lazy to upload pictures also i dyed my hair now it's blue WOOHOO! was mostly an impulse decision because my friend was also colouring hers so she just asked me to tag along and do it as well... it couldve gone really bad tbh but me personally i can never resist a drastic hair change lol

something else i did is also to get a job! my friend invited me to go work with her and i thought it'd be pretty fun . and it WAS!! it was also really tiring but its something worth trying i think. ill see how it goes for now because the pay is performance based so its really just a hit or miss tbh a lot of the people working there are pretty successful though so i guess itll work out well if youre good at it

recently ive been thinking to treat myself at the end of the year and buy myself a nice present! i think 2023 was both a really good and a really bad year, but i worked hard and i think i deserve a reward for my efforts (and honestly just for surviving the whole year lol). i'd really like to buy wireless headphones/earphones for myself since ive been using wired earphones for quite a while now but im not sure which model is best or whatever... tech shopping always tires me out -_-|| id also love to get jewellery or nice clothes but i really cant bring myself to spend so much on a vv westwood necklace or a yvmin claw clip...

honestly im not missing much from my life and im pretty content with whatever i have but i dont really know how else to treat myself unless it involves buying something material. ill think about it! maybe ill buy a magazine subscription or a cool new experience for myself. invest in a new hobby? that should be nice ^^

- j