280723 Green Apple

i know i say this all the time but i can't believe we're almost in august its actually so crazy to me!! time really flies and i dont know how we're pretty much done with 2/3 of 2023 i feel like i wasted half of it ... but im pretty happy with the things that have been happening recently!! 10k views and 100 followers on neocities is a crazy milestone and im very grateful to everyone who helped make that happen! cygnet was always meant to be more of a personal project and a creative outlet but im glad i got to share that with so many people too :3 all my internet neighbours are such wonderful people with wonderful creations and i admire them so much ^^

unfortunately not everyone on the internet is as nice as you'd think . got my first hate comment (guess that's a milestone too!) on my guestbook which was kind of unprecedented! if it was just a personal thing i would care a lot less, but it was incredibly lgbtphobic and ableist ?! had the r slur and whatnot (funny thing is im not even autistic so i dont know why they would say that...) naturally i removed it from my guestbook bc im quite sure its equally as offensive to others as well but yeah stay safe everyone! if you don't like a site or a person, just move on (and block if you need to) no need to spread hate :thumbsup:

moving on something ive been doing a lot more recently is watching films! i've stepped down from my extracurriculars (have national exams soon) so i have more free time to myself. and ive been really enjoying it! not just watching the film itself but analysing it and learning more about the production etc. i think its lovely... also its very convenient to watch a film while studying or playing papas pastaria yk unfortunately i have an awful habit of watching films halfway and then forgetting to continue them... but let me know if you have any films to recommend in my guestbook or email im always looking to get into new genres and directors

bought jorts and stationery recently so im really happy about that ^^ my binder journal is extremely full but ive been procrastinating from getting a new one ill have to do that soon .thinking about some other things id love to get: funky rings a claw clip and hair rollers especially for my bangs. some other things i want to do soon: finish scanning my art mags, try doing 3d scans and write a proper film review for fun. also planning for prom which is at the end of the year ! will update on these soon xx

- j