110723 Cherry Tomato

im back with an update-ish on the thingamajibs happening in my life! ive started term 3 of school and im relieved to say that it's going pretty alright so far! lots of exciting things recently i fought the great war (2 million people on ticketmaster) and won (cat 1 tickets for tswift's concert next year!!!!!) super excited for it hehe ill be going with my friend as well :-3 i wouldnt call myself a swiftie but i love her music and i think itd be fun to watch her perform live

i set my july goals yesterday (a bit late, i know!) and this month i want to be more purposeful about my media consumption (among other things...) im currently reading a baihe novel (original raws btw) its called 她的山,她的海 and im a little slow but i have big chinese exams coming up so i need to get more fluent since i dont speak it at home. also been watching lots of educational videos on youtube its kinda nerdy but ive been bingeing pbs eons and engineering videos yippee . ALSO JJK S2!!! i died watching e1 Bye sashisu makes me feel things i love them so much!!! have a lot to talk about when it comes to jjk especially hidden inventory + shibuya arcs but ill leave that for another day . also looking forward to bsd s5 jouno saigiku im going to eat you up so bad

been very inspired recently so i managed to do some creative work Who cheered?! made a few bracelets and a necklace and also worked on cygnet ^^ im quite happy with it now but i also want to do kind of a mini-overhaul soon question mark question mark? we shall see but also im a lot more free now so i hope i can get to doing more intensive stuff like sewing and patternmaking and Also fixing my embarrassingly messy css code

speaking about coding i recently joined my school's computing community and its genuinely so interesting .Its mostly a student-run community so its pretty chill and we just have a discord server yanno but the people there are so cool .Didnt realise there were so many coders (especially queer ones) in my school its kinda crazy... theres this one person who is SO cool she has her own blog (like this i guess) but most of it is in toki pona (which is this language apparently) and she also made a few games before with original art and everything isnt that amazing i wanna do that too someday mzmmmzz

- j