TEARS OF THE KINGDOM is the newest installment of the legend of zelda franchise! it's the sequel to breath of the wild and was released may 12, 2023.

DISCLAIMER: this page is not spoiler-free. read at your own risk!

22.7.23 - boss why are all the temple bosses so ugly and buglike

21.7.23 - waow back on my grind. stopped procrastinating from doing lightning temple

25.6.23 - kyoto was thinking of totk on my trip .i can rlly see the cultural/historically inspired aspects!

4.6.23 - dragon tears why did i only activate this quest after finishing half the temples

31.5.23 - like like the secret royal passageway cave is so fun to explore

27.5.23 - lightroot on my knees someone please tell me how ur supposed to get to cugukaram lightroot in eldin depths please

25.5.23 - eldin the gorons are ADDICTED to METH !!!! WHO LET THIS MAN COOK!!

24.5.23 - fish man just because theres a goalkeeper [Yona] doesnt mean you [Link] cant score [Sidon] . everybody do you get me

23.5.23 - gloom hands my first totk entry! today i met the infamous gloom hands and oh my god they are just as bad as people say they are . truth be told i almost shat myself jesus christ i just ran away and somehow they died ? please never again...